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Oh little boy,
It breaks my heart,
To see yourself shadowed,
By unkind words,
From those,
Who say,
You belong to them.

Oh little boy,
With eyes so wide,
Taking in pleasures,
Of the world.
Only for them to be snatched,
From those,
Who say,
You’re worthless.

Oh little boy,
With fabulous dreams,
You have strength,
That cannot be measured,
In an age,
So young,
And innocent.

Oh little boy,
You come to me,
I offer hope,
That’s measured in knowledge.
It’s free.
It belongs,
To you.

Oh little boy,
Your heart is patched,
By those,
Who see your place,
In this world.
One day,
You will,
Be free.

Oh little boy,
In years to come,
Let your wings,
Lift you high.
Fly back,
Strong, proud, and laughing.
I’ll be here,

By Aimi Medina 10-26-14