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In My Dog’s Eyes


In My Dog’s Eyes


In his eyes,
I’m perfect.
No judgment.
No faults.
Living in the moment,
Now matters.

In his eyes,
A best friend.
No words,
Just a pat.
Those dark brown eyes,
They listen.

In his eyes,
I’m forgiven.
For things,
Unknown to him.
He says he’s sorry,
With no reason.

In his eyes,
He celebrates,
My hardest achievements.
Never knowing,
What they are.
He cheers.

In his eyes,
An unspoken bond.
No explaining,
Or definition.
He knows,

In his eyes,
Today is like yesterday.
And tomorrow,
Is like today.
Is always.

In his eyes,
He understands.
My guiding shadow,
And forever.

By Aimi Medina 8-30-14


Old Friend


Old Friend

Deep in the closet,
Covered in dust,
Lie the shoes I once wore,
With confidence,
and trust.

Once white and new,
They sparked with shine,
Told stories each day,
In step,
And in rhyme.

The soles are all worn,
They know where I’ve been.
Our secret in time,
No judgement,
No sin.

The fun that we had,
Running through the park.
Resting on benches,
Home safely,
By dark.

If I try them on,
Will it be like before?
Seeing them wait,
By the door.

Lying there lonely,
Which ones will I choose?
Like an old friend,
I remember,
My shoes.

By Aimi Medina 2-24-14