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In My Dog’s Eyes


In My Dog’s Eyes


In his eyes,
I’m perfect.
No judgment.
No faults.
Living in the moment,
Now matters.

In his eyes,
A best friend.
No words,
Just a pat.
Those dark brown eyes,
They listen.

In his eyes,
I’m forgiven.
For things,
Unknown to him.
He says he’s sorry,
With no reason.

In his eyes,
He celebrates,
My hardest achievements.
Never knowing,
What they are.
He cheers.

In his eyes,
An unspoken bond.
No explaining,
Or definition.
He knows,

In his eyes,
Today is like yesterday.
And tomorrow,
Is like today.
Is always.

In his eyes,
He understands.
My guiding shadow,
And forever.

By Aimi Medina 8-30-14