If Only for a Moment


If Only for a Moment

If only for a moment,
Whisk me back in time,
So painful,
So true,
Yet, it was Dad.
It was you.

If only for a moment,
I could rid you of the pain,
Splash color,
Many ways,
Paint over,
Stormy days.

If only for a moment,
You could speak those words once heard,
I’d listen,
I’d tell,
I’d scream,
I’d yell.

If only for a moment,
I could see you stand and tower,
Over mountains,
Over voices,
Over barriers,
Over choices.

If only for a moment,
I could take it all away,
So painful,
So true,
Yet, it was Dad.
It was you.

If only for a moment,
It doesn’t matter when,
Just to be with Dad,
My father,

By Aimi Medina 3-15-14


Is it Enough?

Is it Enough?


Is it enough to have to wait for a family member,
To take you outside for some fresh air?

Is it enough to water and nurture a plant,
With the summer heat approaching?

Is it enough to try and mouth the words of a song,
That’s still somewhere deep within you?

Is it enough to see someone’s life through pictures,
When you can no longer be there?

How do you measure “enough?”
And when do you know when “enough” is still worth living for?

By Aimi Medina  6-2-13

Old Friend


Old Friend

Deep in the closet,
Covered in dust,
Lie the shoes I once wore,
With confidence,
and trust.

Once white and new,
They sparked with shine,
Told stories each day,
In step,
And in rhyme.

The soles are all worn,
They know where I’ve been.
Our secret in time,
No judgement,
No sin.

The fun that we had,
Running through the park.
Resting on benches,
Home safely,
By dark.

If I try them on,
Will it be like before?
Seeing them wait,
By the door.

Lying there lonely,
Which ones will I choose?
Like an old friend,
I remember,
My shoes.

By Aimi Medina 2-24-14

The Porcelain Doll


The Porcelain Doll

I sit upon the shelf,
Delicate and small,
In my satin pink dress,
The porcelain doll.

Time stands still,
I wait and wonder,
The rain hits the window,
Do I hear thunder?

What if I get bumped?
What if I fall?
Who will catch me?
The porcelain doll.

My eyes glance down,
Is it time for tea?
Animals gather round,
What about me?

The door quickly opens,
My heart starts to beat,
I’m taken in her arms,
I’m placed in a seat.

I watch with excitement,
As my hands gently rest,
Upon a wooden table,
So beautifully set.

Laughter fills the air,
Stories are told.
This is the place,
Where secrets unfold.

In the blink of an eye,
I hear silence,
A chill.
A voice is heard calling,
We all become still.

Snatched up and cradled,
On my forehead,
A kiss.
Whispered words are spoken,
I’m told I’ll be missed.

Time stands still,
I wait and wonder,
The rain hits the window,
Do I hear thunder?

I sit upon the shelf,
Delicate and small,
In my satin pink dress,
The porcelain doll.

By Aimi Medina 2-22-14

How Do I Know


How do I,
See you again?
Once so close,
I reach out my hand.
I draw back my arm,
Alone as I stand.

How do I,
Hear your sweet song?
Once crystal clear,
Swept away by wind,
A musical voice,
A lonely violin.

How do I,
Remember your smile?
Once heartfelt,
Sincere and true.
Clear in my dream,
No doubt it was you.

How do I,
Know you’re still there?
A shadow, a glimpse,
Reality I fear.
No one dries,
The salty tears.

How do I,
Know your okay?
Eternal peace,
For you I’ve found.
Your heart still beats,
Yet there’s no sound.

How do I,
Know what lies ahead?
A road untraveled,
Persevere and see.
An open hand waiting,
One day for me.

By Aimi Medina 4-15-14


Aimi Medina is the author of “Being There.

To purchase or preview “Being There” in paperback on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1lLJewt

Kindle edition: http://amzn.to/1sk594s

Baby Bird

Mocking bird 3

Baby Bird

Baby bird,
It’s so absurd,
To watch you in this way.
You haven’t a clue,
As to what defines you,
On this ordinary day.

You sit on my fence,
With no common sense,
Waiting for Mom as a guide.
You could hop off,
Landing so soft,
Just on the other side.

But instead you don’t move,
Which I disapprove,
The inquisitive dog trots by.
He hunts you down,
While sniffing around,
Then receives a peck from the sky.

Mom is furious,
Baby bird is curious,
Exploring a world so vast.
Dogs off in a hurry,
No need to worry,
Mom just cleared you a path.

Safety is near,
You think nothing to fear,
Chirping and hopping about.
It’s Mom now you seek,
With a hungry open beak,
She lands with a worm she’s turned out.

You swallow it whole,
Now you’re off on a stroll,
Sharp witted Mom has no break.
One quick dive,
Lucky you’re alive,
She strikes a hungry black snake.

Baby bird,
Your chirping words,
Will one day allow you to sing.
Away you will fly,
Off into the sky,
Just remember who gave you your wings.

By Aimi Medina 6-20-14

It’s Okay to Dream


It’s Okay to Dream

One blink,
Magic escape,
Unnoticed I slip away.
To a place I’ve been before,
On an imperfect day.

Ocean currents,
Waves crest,
Toes beneath the sand.
Feeling a sense of comfort,
Watching sunset from the land.

Salty air,
Blowing wind,
A familiar hand on mine.
Missing someone special,
From once upon a time.

Laughter returns,
Eyes tear.
I still remember when,
My father was my father,
Love doesn’t have to end.

Sudden blink,
Heart races,
Warmth all through my skin.
Real or just a dream?
Knowing where I’ve been.

Another chance,
Setting free white doves.
It’s okay to dream,
Of souls we’ve come to love.

Eyes closed,
Eyes open,
In a distant stare.
It’s okay to dream,
Dreams always take you there.

By Aimi Medina 4-20-14

In the Darkness


In the Darkness

In the darkness,
Alone on a branch,
Sits a mindful owl,
Not seen at first glance.

His eyes large and locked,
Peering straight through my soul,
A human-like stare,
I question his role.

A mysterious creature,
Intuitive and wise,
Did he bring me a message,
From the distant oceanside?

Charming is his stature,
His silence speaks to me,
In awe of his beauty,
On the branch of my tree.

I take a step closer,
Each movement I fear,
My presence is known,
Wishing darkness would clear.

He then spins his head,
And suddenly takes flight,
His wings change direction,
He disappears from sight.

I look to the sky,
Stars all aglow,
Catching my breath,
Just what does he know?

Will our paths cross again?
A possible chance,
Waiting in darkness,
For owl,
On my branch.

By Aimi Medina 3-24-14

Red Balloon


Red Balloon

The red balloon rises,
Tied to a string,
Floating freely at will,
It dances and sings.

If I let go,
Will it still call my name?
Will it look around corners?
Will its world be the same?

If I let go,
Will it remember my face?
Or will the wind blow it north,
To a faraway place.

If I let go,
Will its laughter live on?
Or will it drift away giggling,
To the clouds and beyond.

The red balloon rises,
Tied to a string.
Floating freely at will,
It dances and sings.

As it falls to the earth,
To unfamiliar ground,
In the darkness,
Landing softly,
Leaving no sound.

By Aimi Medina 2-22-14

“Be Free” poem from “Being There” by A.Medina


Be Free

Trying so hard,
With all my might,
To understand,
This course of life.

I find myself pleading,
With God,
To raise you,
Ever so gently,
Leaving behind,
This broken shell.

Only He,
Can mend the pieces of you,
Of what time,
Here on earth,

You taught me,
Spoken language,
Needs only rhythms and patterns.
Speak louder than words.
Run deep.
Trying to share your message,
Let the truth be told.

Your illness,
A calling,
A message,
A warning,
I’m at ease.

We’ll take care of Mom,
We’ll hold her hand,
Guiding her,
Until she lets go.
Be free.

Don’t mind my selfishness,
Of missing you,
You will be with me,

You’ll be,
That warm breeze,
Under a tree.
That song bird,
Off in the distance.
That squirrel,
That stops for a moment,
Rather than prancing away.
That warm feeling of comfort,
When I need my dad.

I’ll find you,
In the beauty of life.
Let go,
Embrace the light.
Be free.

By Aimi Medina 10-13-12

The poem “Be Free” is from the book, “Being There” by Aimi Medina.
To purchase or preview “Being There” in paperback on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1lLJewt
Kindle edition: http://amzn.to/1sk594s