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When There Is Life


I once asked myself,
And God,
Are the little things enough?
When a life is in question,
When you wonder and weep,
Can the little things be justified,
And measured so deep?

Can I determine,
Ones will to live?
Whose choice is it really?
Ours or His?

The flowers he watered,
In terracotta pots,
Brought beauty
From within,
To our warm sunny spot.
The breeze of a butterfly,
Moving the air,
Casting a shadow,
Of a life,
In our prayer.

A faraway moment,
It’s hard to believe,
How we chose to spend time,
Rather than grieve.

What if it were me?
Is that really fair?
To judge someone’s life,
From my own despair?

And so I still question,
When the road becomes rough,
Is it still worth traveling?
Are the little things enough?

There came a day,
When the stems couldn’t hold.
Bright yellow petals,
Once glistened like gold.
They fell to the earth,
In the soil they rest.
Planting their seeds,
Tucked away and blessed.

The sun lights the way,
For us all to see,
Breaking my silence,
It’s hard being me.

The flowers,
Have life again.
And now,
So do I.
When there is life,
There is reason.
Here is where,
My answer lies.

By Aimi Medina 10-11-14


One Life Two Deaths


We live our life,
That one day,
Our time will come.
Not knowing when or how.
Some people have two deaths.
Yet, only one life.

The first death,
Is the loss of the person you once knew.
By a form of mental illness.
Or other thieves.
It takes the mind,
And sometimes the body.
But not all of it.
The heart keeps beating.

The second death,
Takes your breath away.
It sets your soul free,
And allows for peace.

Both deaths,
Are painful.
Are real.
But the time in between the two,
Is the ultimate sacrifice,
For those who stand by,
And care for their loved ones,
Holding their hand,
Until they reach their resting place.
Their final death,
Their final breath,
And gently letting go.

By Aimi Medina 9-21-14

How Do I Know


How do I,
See you again?
Once so close,
I reach out my hand.
I draw back my arm,
Alone as I stand.

How do I,
Hear your sweet song?
Once crystal clear,
Swept away by wind,
A musical voice,
A lonely violin.

How do I,
Remember your smile?
Once heartfelt,
Sincere and true.
Clear in my dream,
No doubt it was you.

How do I,
Know you’re still there?
A shadow, a glimpse,
Reality I fear.
No one dries,
The salty tears.

How do I,
Know your okay?
Eternal peace,
For you I’ve found.
Your heart still beats,
Yet there’s no sound.

How do I,
Know what lies ahead?
A road untraveled,
Persevere and see.
An open hand waiting,
One day for me.

By Aimi Medina 4-15-14


Aimi Medina is the author of “Being There.

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Red Balloon


Red Balloon

The red balloon rises,
Tied to a string,
Floating freely at will,
It dances and sings.

If I let go,
Will it still call my name?
Will it look around corners?
Will its world be the same?

If I let go,
Will it remember my face?
Or will the wind blow it north,
To a faraway place.

If I let go,
Will its laughter live on?
Or will it drift away giggling,
To the clouds and beyond.

The red balloon rises,
Tied to a string.
Floating freely at will,
It dances and sings.

As it falls to the earth,
To unfamiliar ground,
In the darkness,
Landing softly,
Leaving no sound.

By Aimi Medina 2-22-14

“Be Free” poem from “Being There” by A.Medina


Be Free

Trying so hard,
With all my might,
To understand,
This course of life.

I find myself pleading,
With God,
To raise you,
Ever so gently,
Leaving behind,
This broken shell.

Only He,
Can mend the pieces of you,
Of what time,
Here on earth,

You taught me,
Spoken language,
Needs only rhythms and patterns.
Speak louder than words.
Run deep.
Trying to share your message,
Let the truth be told.

Your illness,
A calling,
A message,
A warning,
I’m at ease.

We’ll take care of Mom,
We’ll hold her hand,
Guiding her,
Until she lets go.
Be free.

Don’t mind my selfishness,
Of missing you,
You will be with me,

You’ll be,
That warm breeze,
Under a tree.
That song bird,
Off in the distance.
That squirrel,
That stops for a moment,
Rather than prancing away.
That warm feeling of comfort,
When I need my dad.

I’ll find you,
In the beauty of life.
Let go,
Embrace the light.
Be free.

By Aimi Medina 10-13-12

The poem “Be Free” is from the book, “Being There” by Aimi Medina.
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Being There by Aimi Medina


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“Being There”

A memoir by Aimi Medina

        “Being There” is a story written as a companion for caregivers. I take you along and share the daily ups and downs on a nineteen month journey after my father suffered a massive stroke. I am the friend who understands the emotional rollercoaster of being involved with caring for a loved one tragically left with a minimal quality of life due to an unfortunate life saving measure, a feeding tube, which prolonged the inevitable with pain, misery and heartache for all.  I am the friend who shares the deepest pain, the torturous amount of guilt, and the inner thoughts of wishing for death. I am also the friend who finds happiness in the smallest moments, shares the strength of a family who pulls together, and finds forgiveness and hope when life takes unexpected turns.

My story revolves around medical decisions that were made without explanation of possible consequences, ethical considerations, legal implications and insufficient family consultation. Through my story, medical professionals should see the necessity of communicating and including the family on decisions for the incapacitated.

I was the baby of the family and now my role had changed. I fought hard to find the inner strength to be strong when my father was weak. I brought life and beauty to him when he couldn’t see it for himself. I share stories along the way, life lessons, and the heroes I would never have met. All the while, I spoke for my father’s silence, held his hand when there was nothing more I could give, and together watched the beauty of the crape myrtle trees come to life each summer. “Being There” takes you along as it happened and shares how hospice was able to provide peace in the end – for everyone.

Aimi Medina
Aimi Medina

Guest Author

Aimi Medina was a guest author for Hospicetimes.  Read her article, “Time Matters: The Need to Improve the Planning and Timing of Transport to Hospice House.” Jan.2014

Author Spotlight: ‘Being There’, Aimi Medina, Vero Beach  – (local newspaper) March 2014

“Being There” – A Companion For Caregivers, Hospice Times January 2014

Aimi Medina participated in the second #blog4care Carnival on Caring for Aging Parents. It was supported by Caring Across Generations

Canadian Virtual Hospice featured “Being There” on their book resource list. July 2014

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Confessions of a Master Caregiver featured Aimi Medina as a guest poet with her poem, “If Only for a Moment.” Sept. 2014  

Dailycaring gave a book review, featured “Being There” as a resource and used two donated books as a promotion for readers to  join their web site. Sept. 2014

Readers’ Favorite Review by Fiza Pathan,  5 stars. Sept. 6, 2015 Readers’ Favorite Review


Aimi Medina grew up in Coral Gables, Florida. She has been living in Vero Beach, Florida for the past fifteen years with her husband, Dave, and their two children, Drew and Jonny. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University in elementary education and is a certified teacher with the state of Florida. She later became certified in art. She now teaches art to students at a local elementary school. She continues to find art, in all its forms, a way to express and share the tender moments of life with all who listen.

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