You Know Her By Name

She’s a native of Brazil,
Known around the world,
She boasts her brilliant hues,
In a maze that she’s twirled.

Everywhere she’s seen,
Her presence is known,
Cheerful on bright days,
Not afraid to stand alone.

Striking during winter,
A spectacular show.
All pale in comparison,
Jealous of her glow.

She basks in the sun,
Prefers salt in her drink,
Her favorite colors are purple, red,
She’s stunning in pink.

The rewards of looking after her,
Turn heads of all kinds,
She’ll punctuate your world,
She’ll wrap you in her vines.

Use caution when close,
Slowly as you learn,
She’ll cut your skin deeply,
Owing nothing in return.

Her thorns short and thin,
Curved at the tips,
Breaking off in your flesh,
When she lets go her grip.

A typical victim,
On a cool evening night,
Clawed bleeding wounds,
Her pruning delight.

You know her by name,
You’ve met her before,
The glorious Bougainvillea,
Awaits by your door.

By Aimi Medina 12-29-14


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