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Baby Bird

Mocking bird 3

Baby Bird

Baby bird,
It’s so absurd,
To watch you in this way.
You haven’t a clue,
As to what defines you,
On this ordinary day.

You sit on my fence,
With no common sense,
Waiting for Mom as a guide.
You could hop off,
Landing so soft,
Just on the other side.

But instead you don’t move,
Which I disapprove,
The inquisitive dog trots by.
He hunts you down,
While sniffing around,
Then receives a peck from the sky.

Mom is furious,
Baby bird is curious,
Exploring a world so vast.
Dogs off in a hurry,
No need to worry,
Mom just cleared you a path.

Safety is near,
You think nothing to fear,
Chirping and hopping about.
It’s Mom now you seek,
With a hungry open beak,
She lands with a worm she’s turned out.

You swallow it whole,
Now you’re off on a stroll,
Sharp witted Mom has no break.
One quick dive,
Lucky you’re alive,
She strikes a hungry black snake.

Baby bird,
Your chirping words,
Will one day allow you to sing.
Away you will fly,
Off into the sky,
Just remember who gave you your wings.

By Aimi Medina 6-20-14


It’s Okay to Dream


It’s Okay to Dream

One blink,
Magic escape,
Unnoticed I slip away.
To a place I’ve been before,
On an imperfect day.

Ocean currents,
Waves crest,
Toes beneath the sand.
Feeling a sense of comfort,
Watching sunset from the land.

Salty air,
Blowing wind,
A familiar hand on mine.
Missing someone special,
From once upon a time.

Laughter returns,
Eyes tear.
I still remember when,
My father was my father,
Love doesn’t have to end.

Sudden blink,
Heart races,
Warmth all through my skin.
Real or just a dream?
Knowing where I’ve been.

Another chance,
Setting free white doves.
It’s okay to dream,
Of souls we’ve come to love.

Eyes closed,
Eyes open,
In a distant stare.
It’s okay to dream,
Dreams always take you there.

By Aimi Medina 4-20-14