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In the Darkness


In the Darkness

In the darkness,
Alone on a branch,
Sits a mindful owl,
Not seen at first glance.

His eyes large and locked,
Peering straight through my soul,
A human-like stare,
I question his role.

A mysterious creature,
Intuitive and wise,
Did he bring me a message,
From the distant oceanside?

Charming is his stature,
His silence speaks to me,
In awe of his beauty,
On the branch of my tree.

I take a step closer,
Each movement I fear,
My presence is known,
Wishing darkness would clear.

He then spins his head,
And suddenly takes flight,
His wings change direction,
He disappears from sight.

I look to the sky,
Stars all aglow,
Catching my breath,
Just what does he know?

Will our paths cross again?
A possible chance,
Waiting in darkness,
For owl,
On my branch.

By Aimi Medina 3-24-14


Red Balloon


Red Balloon

The red balloon rises,
Tied to a string,
Floating freely at will,
It dances and sings.

If I let go,
Will it still call my name?
Will it look around corners?
Will its world be the same?

If I let go,
Will it remember my face?
Or will the wind blow it north,
To a faraway place.

If I let go,
Will its laughter live on?
Or will it drift away giggling,
To the clouds and beyond.

The red balloon rises,
Tied to a string.
Floating freely at will,
It dances and sings.

As it falls to the earth,
To unfamiliar ground,
In the darkness,
Landing softly,
Leaving no sound.

By Aimi Medina 2-22-14