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“Be Free” poem from “Being There” by A.Medina


Be Free

Trying so hard,
With all my might,
To understand,
This course of life.

I find myself pleading,
With God,
To raise you,
Ever so gently,
Leaving behind,
This broken shell.

Only He,
Can mend the pieces of you,
Of what time,
Here on earth,

You taught me,
Spoken language,
Needs only rhythms and patterns.
Speak louder than words.
Run deep.
Trying to share your message,
Let the truth be told.

Your illness,
A calling,
A message,
A warning,
I’m at ease.

We’ll take care of Mom,
We’ll hold her hand,
Guiding her,
Until she lets go.
Be free.

Don’t mind my selfishness,
Of missing you,
You will be with me,

You’ll be,
That warm breeze,
Under a tree.
That song bird,
Off in the distance.
That squirrel,
That stops for a moment,
Rather than prancing away.
That warm feeling of comfort,
When I need my dad.

I’ll find you,
In the beauty of life.
Let go,
Embrace the light.
Be free.

By Aimi Medina 10-13-12

The poem “Be Free” is from the book, “Being There” by Aimi Medina.
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