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Being There by Aimi Medina


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“Being There”

A memoir by Aimi Medina

        “Being There” is a story written as a companion for caregivers. I take you along and share the daily ups and downs on a nineteen month journey after my father suffered a massive stroke. I am the friend who understands the emotional rollercoaster of being involved with caring for a loved one tragically left with a minimal quality of life due to an unfortunate life saving measure, a feeding tube, which prolonged the inevitable with pain, misery and heartache for all.  I am the friend who shares the deepest pain, the torturous amount of guilt, and the inner thoughts of wishing for death. I am also the friend who finds happiness in the smallest moments, shares the strength of a family who pulls together, and finds forgiveness and hope when life takes unexpected turns.

My story revolves around medical decisions that were made without explanation of possible consequences, ethical considerations, legal implications and insufficient family consultation. Through my story, medical professionals should see the necessity of communicating and including the family on decisions for the incapacitated.

I was the baby of the family and now my role had changed. I fought hard to find the inner strength to be strong when my father was weak. I brought life and beauty to him when he couldn’t see it for himself. I share stories along the way, life lessons, and the heroes I would never have met. All the while, I spoke for my father’s silence, held his hand when there was nothing more I could give, and together watched the beauty of the crape myrtle trees come to life each summer. “Being There” takes you along as it happened and shares how hospice was able to provide peace in the end – for everyone.

Aimi Medina
Aimi Medina

Guest Author

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Aimi Medina grew up in Coral Gables, Florida. She has been living in Vero Beach, Florida for the past fifteen years with her husband, Dave, and their two children, Drew and Jonny. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University in elementary education and is a certified teacher with the state of Florida. She later became certified in art. She now teaches art to students at a local elementary school. She continues to find art, in all its forms, a way to express and share the tender moments of life with all who listen.

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